Sunday, February 5, 2017

Pattern adjustment for folks with wool allergies!

Deborah Sheields in New Jersey recently wrote to say that she had adjusted the knitnotwar crane pattern from Ravelry as she has a wool allergy and needed to be able to create the "sculpture" of the crane without felting…the result is fantastic! From Deborah: I ended up using a worsted weight acrylic yarn by Caron that had a sliver thread running through it, size 3 needles. I played around with how to CO the wing and body stitches and finally settled on a cable knit cast on at the beginning of the row for those CO stitches you had at the end of rows. And the single crochet around the wings to keep them from curling so much. I think that the decrease of the tail would probably look a little better if I had decreased the two stitches in the center of the tail first and left the outside ones until last. The directions you had made the decreases a little bumpy along the sides of the tail, which I'm sure would not have been a problem for a project that was felted since felting is much more forgiving. All in all, I thought that your pattern worked really well with the smaller needle size.


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